How to use Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is SCU's virtual classroom and web conferencing environment. Collaborate offers a collaborative platform including features such as synchronous audio and video communication, a virtual whiteboard that can also be used to share applications, media, documents (e.g. PowerPoint presentations, Word documents) and web pages, text-based synchronous chat, polling and other moderation tools and controls.

Collaborate is ideal for conducting lectures and tutorials with students independently of their location. Sessions can be recorded for viewing later and can be converted to a common audio or video format so that the session can be replayed on systems without the Collaborate software installed.

More Information about using Blackboard Collaborate

The best way to learn how to use Blackboard Collaborate and further develop your skills is to participate in a Collaborate session. Explore Blackboard workshops are run (using a Collaborate room) by Digital Resources and Technology Services prior to the commencement of each teaching session. These workshops include one covering how to use Collaborate and are designed for staff who wish to learn more about SCU's supported educational technologies. In addition, drop-in Collaborate sessions are available every Friday at 12 noon during every teaching session at the Blackboard Support for Staff Users site, where any issues with Blackboard Collaborate or any of SCU's supported educational technologies can be raised and resolved. The site also has a practice room that all staff members are free to use. Contact Digital Resources for more information.

Teaching effectively in virtual classrooms