Teaching technologies help

Support for staff using SCU's teaching technologies is provided by the following University services:

SCU Blackboard Help

SCU Mediasite Help

Blackboard Support for Staff Users site

The Blackboard Support for Staff Users site is the main source of support for assistance with using MySCU. The site is available to all staff users of MySCU and can be accessed from your myUnits tab under My Information and Workgroup Sites.

The Blackboard Support for Staff Users site includes announcements of new Blackboard features and tools, Blackboard tips and tricks, and resources to help with the use of the SCU Unit Template, the Content Collection, and Turnitin. It is also the location of the Support and Training Collaborate room where Explore Blackboard workshops and regular informal drop-in sessions are hosted by technology experts from Digital Resources and Technology Services.

Explore Blackboard workshop recordings are available on the following Blackboard-related topics:

  • Getting started with Collaborate
  • Setting up assignments
  • Marking assignments
  • Managing the Grade Centre
  • Blackboard Collaborate and Blackboard IM
  • Groups and bulk group management
  • Blackboard Portfolio Tool Overview
  • Getting your Learning Site ready for Session 1
  • Collaborate session for iPad
  • An introduction to My Mediasite & Mediasite Desktop Recorder

Additional customised Explore Blackboard workshops can be arranged for interested groups upon request.

SCU's Blackboard technical support

  • For reporting and resolution of Blackboard technical issues such as access problems and outages, as well as other general assistance with Blackboard, the SCU contact email address is bbhelp@scu.edu.au.

Assistance with Learning Site development - Digital Resources

SCU's Digital Resources provides in the following ways:

  • DR can create both template-based and customised Blackboard sites for both teaching and staff collaboration.
  • DR can also produce, optimise and upload scheduled unit course materials to the relevant Blackboard site, including study guides, video files, audio files and other multimedia.
  • DR can perform a quality check on your Learning Site and give feedback on ways it could be made more effective.

For further information visit the , check the for samples of digital production, or contact DR at drhelp@scu.edu.au.

Blackboard vendor resources

Blackboard provides a wealth of generic Blackboard Learn support resources located at their help website. These resources are current and cover all of the Blackboard technologies. They are available by visiting the Blackboard vendor site.

Blackboard Help tips (PDF)

Other resources

You can perform searches of YouTube, as well as the Internet more generally, and find large amounts of Blackboard-related help resources that can be used to solve Blackboard problems, to learn how to use Blackboard tools and to build your MySCU skills. Such help resources are often made by academic staff from other institutions that use Blackboard Learn as their learning management system and are fine to use, providing the potential differences in Blackboard versions and customised environments of different Blackboard users are taken into account.

SCU support and resources

  • SCU's Technology Services provides support for the use of Mediasite, including use and management of automated lecture recordings. Visit Technology Services' page for more information.
  • The Blackboard Support for Staff Users site (requires login to Blackboard) includes a recording of the Explore Blackboard workshop An introduction to My Mediasite and Mediasite Desktop Recorder which includes demonstrations of the use of the Mediasite Desktop Recorder and the management and editing of the recording using My Mediasite.
  • The Centre for Teaching and Learning provide an covering aspects of
    using Mediasite Desktop Recorder.

Using Mediasite Desktop Recorder

Mediasite vendor resources

  • Mediasite has a user community that share information on a wide range of Mediasite-related topics in their forums.

SCU support and resources

  • The Blackboard Support for Staff Users site is the location of the Support and Training Collaborate room where Explore Blackboard workshops and regular informal drop-in sessions are hosted by technology experts from Digital Resources and Technology Services.
  • You can also access recordings of Explore Blackboard workshops where the use of Blackboard Collaborate is discussed in detail. The workshops are called "Getting Started with Collaborate"; and "Blackboard Collaborate and Blackboard IM".
  • The University's Centre for Teaching and Learning provide an on
    Teaching with Blackboard Collaborate.

Teaching with Blackboard Collaborate

  • If you need to resolve a technical issue with Blackboard Collaborate, please contact the .
  • Digital Resources provides with the use of Blackboard Collaborate and can be contacted by email at drhelp@scu.edu.au.

Blackboard Collaborate vendor resources

Other resources

  • JISC, a UK-based researcher and promoter of the use of digital technologies in tertiary education, have published a useful Blackboard Collaborate FAQ as well as a recording of an Introductory Collaborate session with a wealth of suggestions for how to use it well.

Blackboard Collaborate FAQ

SCU support and resources

Turnitin Vendor Resources

  • In addition to a searchable help centre, Turnitin have a ticket-based support service where request tickets to resolve Turnitin problems can be lodged.

Help using GradeMark

  • GradeMark, Turnitin's inline marking system for Turnitin assignments, is now available for use in MySCU. Turnitin provide an interactive GradeMark tutorial that can be used to build confidence and familiarity with its use.

Help with Blackboard portfolios

  • The Blackboard Support for Staff Users site includes an Explore Blackboard workshop recording that provides an overview of the Blackboard Portfolio Tool.
  • Additional support for Blackboard portfolios is provided by the Digital Resources who can be contacted at drhelp@scu.edu.au.
  • For a list of Blackboard Help resources for Blackboard Portfolios, visit the Blackboard Portfolios page.

Help with general IT skills and SCU systems

  • The provides assistance with SCU systems access, use of SCU computer systems, staff software licence management, use of SCU email services and use of lecture theatre technologies including videoconferencing facilities.
  • SCU's Library offers staff support for teaching and researching activities, including , use of myReadings, and using Endnote reference management software.
  • SCU regularly offers a variety of structured training opportunities, including training in use of SCU systems and technologies. Notifications of these opportunities are made via All-Staff emails and applications to attend the training are made through the Professional Learning Calendar in MyHR. You must discuss your proposed training with your supervisor prior to applying. For more information, see the HR Services' page.

Help with Academic Practice

  • SCU's provides resources and strategies for academic staff to support and advance learning and teaching excellence at SCU. The Centre provides to teaching staff, including developing and improving online pedagogy, and is responsible for the provision of Introduction to Teaching@SCU workshops for new academic staff as well as the .
  • The Centre for Teaching and Learning also provides information and resources relating to teaching, learning and assessment. These include , , and a range of documents.
  • The Centre for Teaching and Learning can be contacted at ctl@scu.edu.au.

Help with copyright compliance

  • For help with copyright compliance, please visit the .

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