How to use Mediasite

Mediasite is the multimedia software suite used by SCU for the recording of lectures in selected SCU locations as well as for the creation, editing and management of media-rich presentations by staff.

Recording of lectures in Mediasite-equipped locations is provided automatically when requested as part of the University's timetabling system. Casual room bookings also include an option to request Mediasite lecture recording. Links to recordings made in this way are automatically added to your unit's Learning Site under the Lectures menu item.

More information about recording in SCU's Mediasite-equipped locations

An introduction to My Mediasite and Mediasite Desktop Recorder (requires login to Blackboard)

Staff can use the Mediasite Desktop Recorder, which is loaded onto all staff computers, to record activity or still images on their computer screens and add audio and/or video (via microphone and webcam). This allows for the creation of lectures, presentations and other multimedia content in advance and can be easily added to your unit's Learning Site.
For information about prerecording lectures and presentations using Mediasite Desktop Recorder use the links below.

Recording the Desktop - My Mediasite
Recording types - My Mediasite
Prepare for recording Mediasite
Using Mediasite Desktop Recorder (pdf)

For information about using Mediasite presentations in MySCU

What happens to Automated recordings?
How do I add a link to mediasite lectures into a MySCU Learning site? (pdf)

Improve your presentation skills in Mediasite Desktop Recorder

Each staff member has access to My Mediasite, which is SCU's Mediasite portal, where Mediasite recordings (including automatically recorded lectures) can be viewed and edited using a user-friendly web-based interface. Video material recorded elsewhere can be uploaded and managed in the same way (subject to copyright). My Mediasite also provides a detailed breakdown of viewer activity, allowing you to determine the numbers of students that have viewed your recordings as well as which parts of the recordings were viewed.

How do I get to where you can edit a Mediasite Recording?
How do I add chapters to a Mediasite Recording?
Undoing changes and viewing the revision history of a Mediasite Recording

Video materials captured using mobile devices (such as tablets and smartphones) can also be uploaded to My Mediasite where they can be edited and managed along with other Mediasite recordings.
Uploading video recordings from mobile devices to My Mediasite