SCU is pleased to announce two key accessibility and productivity tools - ReadSpeaker and TextAid are now available to all SCU students and staff.  SCU is the first Australian University to offer these tools and the first in our region!

ReadSpeaker is a 'Text to Speech' tool available to all SCU students and staff through MySCU Blackboard. ReadSpeaker appears as a widget in the lower left-hand corner of your screen when in MySCU Blackboard.

  1. Click on the widget and it will expand  and automatically start reading the web page for you.  
  2. Select text on the page, and it produces a button next to your selection.  Click this to have your highlighted text read aloud. 
  3. Text on the screen is read with syncronised text highlighting and customisable colour highlighting, highlighting, modifiable speed and volume, as well as the ability to download an mp3 file for offline listening. 

TextAid is a reading, writing and studying tool integrated into every learning site, workgroup and information site in Blackboard.  It is accessed via the Tools menu.

When you open TextAid and click New Text you will see an area that you can use to copy and paste text, compose text or open a document from your computer and have it read back to you. It will also let you download your selected text to an mp3 file to download and listen offline. 

TextAid features include:

  • Spell check and word prediction.
  • web look up tool for a selected word or text in Wikipedia or by Google websearch.  
  • A speaking calculator
  • A document reader that lets you view and listen to powerpoint files, pdf documents, word documents and epubs.  
  • personal library where you can save documents and access them from any device.  
  • OCR for text in scanned images - translates to text, that can then be read back to you.
  • Web Reader - a tool that enables the ReadSpeaker widget on any website  

Both ReadSpeaker and TextAid are 100% web-based and can be accessed on any device with an internet connection from today.  All you need to do is log into mySCU Blackboard first!