The Southern Cross Model: an overview

Centre for Teaching and Learning

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The Southern Cross Model aligns with the University’s strategic plan’s focus on outstanding teaching, inspired student experience and our ethos “for what matters”. The Model aims to provide a more focused and immersive way for students to learn, and a more engaged and rewarding learning experience for students and staff.

The model is focused and flexible:

The academic year is divided into 6 Terms. Each Term is delivered over 7 weeks, with 6 weeks of teaching and a 7th week in each Term which may be used for study, review and assessment. A 2 week break occurs between Terms.

Full-time students enrol in a maximum of 2 units per Term. Students are not required to study in all 6 Terms. Typically a full-time student will study four Terms and complete 8 units a year. This means there are fewer units and fewer assignments and exams for a student to juggle at one time.

The model enables active engagement:

The new Southern Cross Model offers our students a guided and active learning experience, whether they are enrolled online or on-campus. Students will have access to a comprehensive suite of online materials at any time during their studies.

Students are engaged in two forms of guided and active learning – self access learning which is delivered in interactive and guided modules, and class learning that focus on active, guided experiences that extend and apply the skills and knowledge covered in the self-access modules.