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The Southern Cross Model student experience: Davi

My name is Davi Martins Algranti. I'm originally from Brazil, and I'm studying business and enterprise at Southern Cross University.

I've been always interested in business, as I want to be a businessman in the future.

And when I finished my high school, I came to Australia to learn English.

Then I took the IELTS course. Southern Cross University offered me a good scholarship.

So, studying in six weeks terms helped me a lot because we have just two units to study, so most of the time you're really focused in these two units and you are not stressed.

I can put everything together and summarise all the learnings that I have got in six weeks for my final assessments.

So, studying in short terms is giving me the possibility to organise my time, focus on my assessments in the right time, and at the same moment, work a little bit.

And I can be focused and maintain a good experience and maintain good grades.

Having a six-week term, it's a really good way to deliver education for us because, you can be focused and work through your assessments that time and work hard, but then when you have a two-week break, you can relax and recover your energy to come back motivated.

I like to do sports related with the nature. So, here on the Gold Coast, as we have the beach, I can skate along the beach and enjoy a beautiful place. At the same moment, when I'm surfing, I can be in the ocean and be connected with nature.

The teachers, they always support us with all the questions that we have, and they teach in a way that it's fun to learn.

Their passion, you can feel this. They love the job that they are doing.

I feel like studying in short terms, it's the best thing I've ever done, and I would strongly recommend for someone who wants to have a good experience studying and get new motivations to study in short terms because yeah, you will feel good and you can balance your time to work, study and have a good lifestyle.