“Through my involvement with Screenworks, I've been able to gain other work opportunities in reality TV and feature films.”

Emily Page

Bachelor of Media (Media Design and Screen)

Content is key and as creators of content, digital media specialists are in strong demand for communication and marketing roles across Australia.

The internet, smart-phones and social media have changed the face of the media industries, introducing a revolution in citizen journalism and a new way to interact with broadcast media. Journalists today need to do more than write a good story – they need to take the photograph, record the interview, edit the video, lay out the blog entry AND write a good story.

Skills in digital media and content creation are a secret weapon for any business owner or entrepreneur and can set you up for a rewarding career in marketing and communications, design, film, TV, radio and print journalism or public relations.

You can also choose to study Digital Media as a shared major in the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Business and Enterprise or in the Bachelor of Psychological Science.


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