Course summary

The Bachelor of Business equips students with the knowledge and ability to work as specialist business professionals in varied and changing business environments.

The degree offers diverse core units in first year before the option of specialising, so that students have the flexibility to determine what business career they are most interested in pursuing. The degree is designed to teach students the critical reasoning, communication and professional skills required in contemporary business settings.

Students gain a broad understanding of business principles through the core units, and develop specialised skills in business disciplines of their choice through the study of a single or double major. 

Majors are available in accounting, aviation management (this major includes the option of undertaking a Commercial Pilot Licence through Airways Aviation), finance, human resource management, international business, management and marketing.

Students may also choose to undertake a placement in a relevant industry sector such as tourism, hospitality, events, clubs, human resource management, finance, marketing, accounting or information technology, in Australia or abroad.



May be completed in a shorter duration subject to unit availabilities

Coffs Harbour1, 2
Gold Coast1, 2, 3
Lismore1, 2
Online1, 2, 3


Gold Coast (Aviation Mgmt)1, 2, 3
Gold Coast1, 2, 3
Lismore1, 2
Melbourne1, 2, 3
Perth1, 2, 3
Papua New Guinea - IBSU Port Moresby1, 2, 3
Papua New Guinea - IBSU Enga1, 2, 3
Sydney1, 2, 3


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