Course summary

The Bachelor of Information Technology offers a complete grounding in all aspects of the information and communications technology (ICT) industries including programming, systems analysis and design, multimedia development and usage, database development, networking and communications theory, computer security and technology management.

Students have the opportunity to study some of the issues confronting the ICT industry, including employer obligations, employee rights, impacts on society, and future directions of the industry.

The University also offers the mentoring program, Women in Technology to provide dedicated support and scholarship opportunities for women entering this specialised area.



Gold Coast1, 2, 3
Online1, 2, 3


Gold Coast1, 2
China - Guangxi UST1, 3
Melbourne1, 2, 3
Papua New Guinea - IBSU Port Moresby1, 2, 3
Papua New Guinea - IBSU Enga1, 2
Sydney1, 2, 3


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From the 1st of June, 2017, the term 'Distance Education' has been replaced with 'Online'