"During the course I was amazed by how realistic the scenarios were. By the time I entered the clinical setting I was familiar with all the equipment."

Ashleigh Woods

Bachelor of Nursing graduate

Wherever we function our best at sport and exercise it involves a combination of a highly trained body and a highly prepared mind.

Coffs Harbour is developing a reputation as a national destination for sport as well as a significant research centre for sport and exercise psychology.

In 2019, Southern Cross University is going to be offering a new degree program in Sport and Exercise psychology.
So in this degree students will immerse themselves in the psychology of what drives our behavior but focusing specifically on Sport and Exercise. The degree includes a hundred and forty hours of placement so that students can experience a range of different careers in sport and psychology before they graduate.

I wanted to research ways that athletes can improve their performance in the heat so I've been looking at different strategies to help athletes better train in the heat and also use different cooling strategies on race day to improve their performance.

The research is being used by individual athletes and teams in preparation for major championships because heat-induced fatigue is a major factor affecting performance.

This degree is a great opportunity for students in the heart of a fast-growing regional sport destination.

If you love sport and exercise like I do and you want to find out ways that athletes can improve their performance then contact us to find out more about the course.

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