Jordan's work at the student-led Exercise Physiology clinic has helped prevent the development of chronic diseases for individuals at risk.

Jordan Fischer

Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology

Turn your sporting passion into a career. Employment opportunities in the health and fitness industry, sport management, exercise rehabilitation, exercise physiology and sport science are expanding in Australia and overseas.

It is now well recognised that adopting a healthy lifestyle combining regular physical activity with good nutrition can reduce the risk of premature death or the onset of cardiovascular disease, some cancers, obesity and diabetes. Exercise science and nutrition together give a complete picture of the human body, from the chemical and biochemical aspects to the muscles and nervous system.

Learn in the modern laboratories and specialist facilities available at each campus. Our on-campus health clinics at Lismore and the Gold Coast provide safe and supervised environments for student practicums.

Our unique double degree, the Bachelor of Exercise Science and Psychological Science enables you to specialise in your chosen area and multiply your career options.

The Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology is the qualification required to be an accredited exercise physiologist (AEP). Graduates of our Exercise Science degrees receive up to four units of credit into the Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology, depending on the major of study, making the full-time duration for both courses (Bachelor and Masters) four years.

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