"Naturopathic medicine is a healthcare discipline that uses its founding principles of treating the whole person, treating the cause and healing power of nature."

Isabel Halse

Master of Advanced Naturopathic Medicine student

My name is Isabel Halse and I am a student at Southern Cross University and a Naturopath. The best thing about being a Naturopath is helping people and seeing people get better. There's a global burden of chronic disease that's on the rise and healthcare is looking for the answer of how to fill that gap and I really feel that Naturopaths they meet that demand.

So Naturopathic medicine is a healthcare discipline that uses its founding principles of treating the whole person, treating the cause and the healing power of nature. We really empower our people to take control of their health. My bachelor degree was at Southern Cross University and I loved it. It's such an incredible, beautiful campus and in Lismore. We've got the medicinal herb garden where you can actually touch and smell and taste the plant and really get a connection with the medicines that you're working with.

The courses at the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine at Southern Cross University is really underpinned by the Naturopathic philosophies themselves. It's really all about educating and empowering the patient. There are so many opportunities for Southern Cross graduates. Naturopaths are integral members of an Integrative Healthcare team. With this career our graduates can be working with a variety of healthcare professionals including GP's and Psychiatrists as well as other complementary medicine practitioners to really drive Healthcare outcomes for individual communities or even globally.

Southern Cross has given me a network that you can't get anywhere else this degree really gives Naturopaths the opportunity to take your career anywhere around the world and have connections and a network there.

My journey as a student and as a Naturopath has completely changed my life at Southern Cross University.

As evidence-based natural medicine plays an increasingly active role in Australian healthcare, Southern Cross University is at the forefront. Our centrepiece is Australia’s first National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM), based at the Lismore campus. 

With a transformative approach focusing on innovation, research and education, NCNM has developed a suite of courses that aim to enrich clinical practice, enhance professional standing, and empower future leaders in the field of naturopathic medicine. 

Our courses are underpinned by a framework of critical enquiry, clinical reasoning and evidence-based practice, ensuring our graduates attain the knowledge, skills and abilities to work with diverse patient groups and teams across a range of professional settings. 

Our three-year Bachelor of Health Science (Health and Lifestyle) has been designed with the future in mind, providing a direct pathway into a one-year Master of Naturopathic Medicine, where students will gain the clinical hours required to practise as a naturopath.

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