"I have learned a lot about what psychology can be. I will take these lessons with me in whatever I decide to do."

Nadia Smith

Psychology (Honours)

Explore the fascinating field of the human mind at the University ranked No.1 in Australia by the Federal Government’s 2019 Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) assessment. We're also ranked 5-stars for graduate salary and student support in psychology (Good Universities Guide 2022).

You can study to become a registered psychologist or you can work in other areas like disability services, data, human resource management, business, education, health or sports—you can get a job as a student counsellor or career advisor, a family therapist or a social worker.

The degrees focus on providing a thorough understanding of the theoretical basis of psychological science, as well as the importance of research and evidence. The course covers analytical skills in solving human, organisational and community-wide problems; core topics such as social psychology, cross-cultural psychology, abnormal psychology, and biological psychology.

If examining the criminal mind interests you, a double degree in Bachelor of Psychological Science, Bachelor of Laws is also available.

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