Subjects offered

A typical three-year university degree requires you to complete 24 units of study. These units are usually comprised of core units and elective units. Through Head-Start you will have the choice to study one of five units. These units have been selected as they can be used as core units or elective units within a large number of courses offered by Southern Cross University. The options for study in 2020 are Biology, Communication in Organisations, Processes and Philosophy of Engineering, Visual Communication and Design and Australian Legal System.

If you require further details please contact our Head-Start Project Officer via email using headstart@scu.edu.au.

Legal Student

Australian Legal System

Offered during Session 1 (2 March – 12 June, 2020) at our Gold Coast and Lismore Campuses.

Introduces students to the concept of law and to the Australian legal system. Discusses basic concepts such as federalism, parliamentary sovereignty, separation of powers, rule of law, statutory interpretation, the doctrine of precedent and procedural fairness. Explores issues related to Indigenous Australian peoples and to effective equality before the law for all Australians.

The study program includes face-to-face tutorials and lectures.

student on field trip - taking a photo of a crab Head Start Biology


Offered during Session 1 (2 March – 12 June, 2020) at our Gold Coast, Lismore and National Marine Science Centre (Coffs Harbour) campuses.

This unit is ideal for those interested in developing their scientific knowledge and skills. With a focus on cell structure, physio-chemical cellular responses, plant and animal physiology, structure and diversity, elementary genetics, population concepts, natural selection and evolution, Biology provides students with the necessary practical techniques required to demonstrate biological processes in living organisms. Biology initiates the development of competence in practical skills and scientific report writing.

The study program for this unit will include face-to-face lectures, tutorials and laboratory sessions.


Communication in Organisations

Offered during Session 1 (2 March – 12 June, 2020) at our Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast and Lismore campuses.

Good communication skills are essential in most professional settings. This unit aims to provide you with communication skills necessary for employment and academic study. Topics covered include public speaking and verbal reporting, intercultural communication, academic integrity and skill development in negotiation and persuasion. You will also be introduced to a range of communication theories and concepts designed to increase your understanding of the role interpersonal communication has within our day-to-day lives.

The study program for the Communication in Organisations unit will include tutorials and lectures.


Processes and Philosophy of Engineering

Offered during Session 1 (2 March – 12 June, 2020) at our Lismore campus only.

This unit introduces students to the fundamental concepts of engineering process and philosophy. A supported problem-based learning strategy is used to develop skills in problem identification, concept formulation, critical and contextual thinking, project evaluation, process development and clear communication.

Engaging in the aforementioned aspects, students will work in teams on a robotics project which will develop their underlying engineering and communication skills.


Visual Communication and Design

Offered during Session 1 (2 March – 12 June, 2020) at our Gold Coast and Lismore campuses.

This unit is designed to give students the digital literacy skills that are central to today's media world, and it does this through the visual language of design. The unit introduces students to the principles of visual communication and design through the analysis and production of a range of digital media forms.

Students acquire skills in image capture, creation and manipulation, and in layout and typography, and apply them using industry standard software in response to design briefs.