Special admission schemes

Special admission is designed to assist applicants who have been disadvantaged during Years 11 and/or 12 or equivalent but have good academic potential. You must be able to demonstrate that your educational performance has been seriously affected by circumstances beyond your control.

An application for special admission is not an application for tertiary study. If you have not already done so you must apply for tertiary study either through UAC, QTAC or directly to SCU, as well as applying for special admission.

How to apply for special admission

Applying through UAC

Apply for Educational Access Scheme (EAS) consideration with UAC by submitting an EAS application form after your UAC application.

UAC Educational Access Schemes information

Applying through QTAC

Apply for special consideration through the Educational Access Scheme (EAS) when lodging your QTAC application.

QTAC's Educational Access Scheme information

Applying directly to SCU

If you are applying direct to Southern Cross University, the Special Admission Scheme questions are included in the online application. Special Admission Scheme applications must be received by SCU by the end of December for session 1 admission, by the end of May for session 2 admission, or by the end of September for session 3 admission.