Year 10 students

Three Students as part of a panel answering questions

What should I be doing in Year 10?

Year 10 is an exciting time as you now get to make choices about the subjects you study in years 11 and 12. For many of you this is a challenge, as you also need to start considering what you would like to do when you finish school.

The good news is that Southern Cross University, like many Australian universities, does not have pre-requisite subject requirements for entry to most of our courses. That means that you gain entry to SCU based on your overall academic performance (your ATAR or OP) and not on the actual subjects you have studied.

However, when you explore our course and degree options you will discover that many courses recommend you have 'assumed knowledge' of a particular subject area. For example, if you want to study Engineering at SCU we will assume you have a high level maths, physics and chemistry knowledge.

Now is the time to start considering your future career options so you can make the right choices. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Find your passion - in most cases job satisfaction comes from working in an area of personal interest to you. Imagine being paid for doing what you enjoy. Are you passionate about travel, sport, caring for others, arts, technology or the environment? Your passion can become your career.
  • Discover who you are - many people enjoy activities and exercises which allow them to match their personality type with possible careers. Visit the careers section to see what our resources reveal about you.
  • Start at the end - reading job advertisements allows you to tap into a wide range of established careers. You can review the types of duties and roles expected of you and familiarise yourself with the salaries currently offered.