How much credit may be awarded for prior learning?

The learning outcomes in some Australian and overseas qualifications, occupations and units (subjects) have been evaluated to create credit precedents. If your prior learning is the same as a published precedent, it may help to determine the amount of credit to be awarded, when you become a Southern Cross University student.

The digital Credit Search and Calculator is currently unavailable due to system maintenance. In the meantime, to identify how much credit may be awarded into Southern Cross courses or units, download and search the precedents in either of these pdf's:

Click the relevant link to download. Open the document. Select 'Cmd+F' for Mac or 'Ctrl+F' for Windows to reveal the search window and enter the search criteria (course/occupation/unit name or code)

The pdf's are a guide of possible credit amounts that may be granted, so you can plan your studies to eliminate duplication of learning and reduce course length and study costs. The information is subject to change and does not guarantee entry (Admission) or credit for prior learning (Advanced Standing) into your chosen course.


Any credit decision resulting from an application for Advanced Standing, linkage or pathway agreed between the University and another institute may become a published precedent. Published precedents that specify both the amount and type of credit may be systematically applied to subsequent applicants with the same prior learning.

It's rare, but possible to earn an entire qualification through RPL, as recognition and unit assessment processes are equally rigorous. Normally, credit amounts are granted up to Policy thresholds, which ensure a portion of the units in the course are formally studied by most students.

For more information about the credit thresholds for formal, non-formal and informal learning please view Schedule 1, accessible through clause 13 of the Advanced Standing and Recognition of Prior Learning Procedures.

Schedule 1, prescribes the normal credit thresholds for recognising the highest level of prior learning that you have achieved in the same or similar study discipline/field, or branch of learning as your Southern Cross Course. 

Variations may only occur due to:

  1. divergent disciplinary relationships (partially related prior learning);
  2. external/professional recognition requirements that limit the amount or type of credit;
  3. constraint of a mandatory study plan that identifies units for which credit is not available; or
  4. greater alignment of prior learning outcomes and course learning outcomes, usually resulting from collaborative course development for articulation linkages or pathways; or
  5. credit thresholds being waived by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic).

If any variations apply for your Southern Cross course for points 2 and 3, you'll find them by selecting the 'Course structure' tab in your online course information.

Nevertheless, Southern Cross University will provide the maximum possible credit for your prior learning and reserves the right to make the final decision on appropriate levels of credit.

To assist you to compare the level of learning obtained in a qualification from one of the countries below, to an Australian Qualification, please click the relevant link to download and open the document. 

Country Equivalent overseas qualifications
Indonesia Comparable prior learning - Indonesia
Japan Comparable prior learning - Japan
Nepal  Comparable prior learning - Nepal
Philippines Comparable prior learning - Philippines
Singapore  Comparable prior learning - Singapore
Thailand  Comparable prior learning - Thailand
Vietnam  Comparable prior learning - Vietnam

If a relevant country is not listed, the equivalence of your overseas qualification will be established when the University assesses your application, using the Australian Education International Country Education Profiles (CEP) or other appropriate guide such as the United Kingdom National Agency for the Recognition and Comparison of International Qualifications and Skills (UK NARIC).

For more information about credit thresholds for formal, non-formal and informal learning please view Schedule 1, which is accessed through clause 13 of the Advanced Standing and Recognition of Prior Learning Procedures.

Unless credit thresholds were waived by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) when credit was awarded into your course, if you choose to exit from your course early, with a lower qualification, some of the credit granted will be rescinded. This ensures the total amount of credit doesn't exceed the credit thresholds for the exit qualification, described in Schedule 1, accessible through clause 13 of the Advanced Standing and Recognition of Prior Learning Procedures.


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