Is there a limit to the amount of credit I can receive?

One purpose of credit is to eliminate duplication of learning and the number of units you need to study to earn your degree, by recognising what you already know, understand and can do. It's pointless to relearn that which you've already mastered!

It's rare, but possible to earn an entire qualification through credit for recognition of your current knowledge and skills. Generally, credit amounts are granted up to thresholds, which ensure a portion of the units in the Southern Cross course are formally studied.

Credit thresholds for Southern Cross courses

Schedule 1 of The Procedures prescribes typical thresholds for recognising the highest level of prior learning achieved in the same or similar study discipline/field, or branch of learning as your Southern Cross Course. 

Variations may only occur from Schedule 1 amounts due to:

  • divergent disciplinary relationships (partially cognate prior learning);
  • external/professional recognition requirements that limit the amount or type of credit transfer;
  • constraint of a mandatory study plan that identifies units for which credit is not available; or
  • greater alignment of learning outcomes and graduate attributes resulting from collaborative course development; or
  • limits on credit transfer being waived by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic).

If any variations apply for your Southern Cross course, you'll find them by selecting the 'Course structure' tab of your Southern Cross course and scrolling to the heading Advanced Standing.

Nevertheless, Southern Cross University will provide the maximum possible credit transfer in recognising your prior learning and reserves the right to make the final decision on appropriate levels of credit.

Credit transfer limits if you exit early, with a lower qualification

Unless limits on credit transfer have been waived by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), if you choose to exit from your Southern Cross course early, with a lower qualification, some of the credit granted will be rescinded, so that the total amount of credit does not exceed the total allowable for the exit qualification. 

Equivalence of overseas qualifications, non-accredited study and industry experience to Australian qualifications

If you are applying for credit on the basis of an overseas qualification, non-accredited study or your professional or voluntary experience, view Appendix 1 of Schedule 1 of The Procedures to know more about the ways the University compares levels of learning and the minimum skill levels and number of years of service that may substitute for an Australian qualification.  

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