Articulation Arrangements (Credit Linkages and Pathways)


The Advanced Standing Search and Calculator is a list of Southern Cross University credit precedents that include results for agreed articulation arrangements that may relate to your courses, qualifications or occupations. 

You can also refine your search for current articulation arrangements using these links:

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For assistance with your search or to discuss becoming an articulation partner with Southern Cross University, enquire online, or t:+61 2 6626 95916.

If a suitable articulation arrangement does not already exist, submit a request or complete the application to create a new arrangement:

National or regional Qualification Credit Linkage; or Occupational Credit Linkage.

Submit a request to e:
Institute Specific Academic Pathway

Download, complete and submit the applicable Pathway Application Form, with supporting documents:

Southern Cross Staff should login to and complete the Articulation Pathways Request Webform

English Language Proficiency Pathway

Download, complete and submit the Pathways Application Form - English Language Proficiency PDF with supporting documents

Use of information and disclosure

All information will remain confidential and will be used by the University to:

Some level of content mapping will be required to determine equivalence in learning against the Southern Cross course entry requirements and/or learning outcomes. The evidence that should be submitted to support content mapping is summarised in the Academic Evidence Checklists.

Articulation models

Southern Cross University has a range of articulation modes that recognise the existing knowledge and skills of students and workers, including:

  • National or regional Credit Linkages that are NOT subject to a formal agreement and apply to any person holding the named accredited course/qualification or occupation, regardless of which institute issued the award/qualification or statement of service; or
  • Institute specific Pathways that may require formal Agreement and apply only to a person holding the named non-accredited or accredited course/qualification or occupation, issued by the named articulation partner.  

We also cooperate to develop Reciprocal (reverse) Pathways supporting the recognition and mobility of current Southern Cross students and graduates into Vocational Education and Training (VET) or specialist Higher Education (HE) qualifications offered by other institutes.

You'll find definitions for these terms and more in the Glossary of Terminology.

Marketing and promotional guidelines

Lets work together to promote our linkages and pathways, share agents, develop joint marketing publiations and education projects. for more details view the marketing and promotional guidelines

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