Learning Outcomes and Graduate Attributes

Learning outcomes are statements of learning achievement that are expressed in terms of what the learner is expected to know, understand and be able to do on completion of a unit (subject) or an entire course. The are also an integral part of unit design.

Learning outcomes are aligned with graduate attributes, which describe the qualities, attitudes, behaviours, values and ethics built into the learning process, that you are encouraged to take responsibility for developing through your studies. Similar qualities will be expected of you in practice.

The learning outcomes and associated graduate attributes guide students on what is expected of them, as they work through the unit topics, content and assessment items.

Learning outcomes and to a lesser degree graduate attributes, are the performance criteria you need to evidence through supporting documentation, as well as the assessment criteria used by assessor when comparing units and courses to establish equivalence and inform credit transfer decisions.

Therefore you should submit a range of different supporting documents with your application to show the various ways that you already fulfil the learning outcome requirements and graduate attributes of the unit/s for which recognition is sought. The evidence must provide contextual examples of what is known, understood and can be consistently performed to a high standard. But don't stop here.

Your evidence must also show your ability to research and learn independently, cite in text and reference the ideas an works of others, critically read and think, write about complex things in consciece ways, used your knowledge to solve problems and create new knowledge, reflect on the learning process, what worked, what didnt and what could be refined or amended to achieve a better outcome and you continue with your life long learning.

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