“I was always working to prove to myself that I belonged, but the support I received at Southern Cross really helped to make me feel welcome.”

Jennifer Doherty

Bachelor of Information Technology graduate

My family computer froze up and I thought that with the resources online I'd be able to fix it. It turns out I could fix it and from there I got really interested in computers.

My name is Josh Clouston and I'm doing a Bachelor of information technology at Southern Cross University on the Gold Coast.

I grew up in surf lifesaving so that sort of rolled over to a job lifeguarding. I'm lucky enough to be able to do part-time during winter - a few shifts a week - and over summer the university provides three semesters so I do two subjects over the summer semester which allows me to still work almost full-time with lifeguarding. So work-life balance is pretty good.

So in the IT degree it actually covers a really wide range of subjects. For me my favourite so far has been software development.

For me when I started studying at uni I was a bit worried because I never really enjoyed reading at school. Lucky with the IT degree there's a lot of support at the uni and most of my subjects have laboratories which is hands-on programming experience.

I grew up on the Gold Coast so if anybody hasn't been here before it's a growing tourist destination and there's so many cool things that you can do. As soon as you arrive at the Gold Coast Airport the University is literally across the road.

Convenience factor for work opportunities is amazing because the beach is across the road and we're in one of the main hotspots of the Gold Coast.

The reason I got into information technology is I wanted to have that technology to be able to help family and friends and hopefully land a job somewhere on the Gold Coast. So far it's going awesome there's a lot of cool opportunities arising.

The jobs of tomorrow require agile digital specialists who can create, deliver and distribute content and resources seamlessly across channels and technologies.

Our degrees offer not only a thorough grounding in the technology and communications of today, but the ability to see what’s coming next. 

Graduate employment outcomes for IT graduates are strong, with an impressive 85% of our graduates employed shortly after graduation, according to the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching 2018.

IT students also have the opportunity to work on real-world projects in the Digital Enterprise Lab at Gold Coast campus, giving you the skills and confidence to step into the professional workforce.

Whether as a programmer, designer, web developer, systems analyst, database administrator, project manager, ICT network professional or technical support personnel, studies in information technology are the beginning of what could be an amazing future.

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