Charmaine moved from the Philippines to Southern Cross University in Lismore and loves the natural environment, her independence and appreciation for new cultures. (1:27)

Moving from the Philippines to here was a big step for me because at first I didn’t know anybody here especially in Lismore.

Though living here in Orion is a big help because other international students can also help you and guide you in your stay at the University.

Southern Cross University is a great place to study abroad because they have lots of support for international students and also lots of nature which is a good environment to study.

The best thing that I have experienced here in Orion is that I became independent and also I didn’t know that I can live with other nationalities because maybe we have conflicting cultures.

But its not exactly what I’m expecting, it’s the opposite because we’re understanding each other we are respecting each other’s cultures and values and I think it’s the best thing that has happened to me.