Elizabeth is a student from the USA and loves the location of Southern Cross University’s Lismore campus, located close to Byron Bay, on the east coast of Australia. (1:29)

I think it's a beautiful campus it's just like being on a nature walk it's very calming environment.

I feel super welcomed here there's always something interesting going on.

Orion itself is a great place to start off to meet people and kind of get connected into the community. There are lots of different work opportunities in the area.

Your visa allows for you to work part time and so I've absolutely done that I've worked in hospitality and I also do support work. I think Lismore is a really great place to be based.

It's kind of halfway up the East Coast and so and Byron Bay is right there and Coolangatta has an International Airport so you have a lot of travel options but even just on weekends you can travel to places nearby.

There's gorgeous waterfalls the beaches are amazing.

There's so much to do here, the Deck and Lounge the Uni bar has events going on all the time there are trivia nights there's open mic nights sometimes
on the weekends we organise movie nights there's a cinema room which is really cool.

Once the weather gets warmer everybody's down at the pool so it's just a really fun place to study and live.