International Student Arrival

Australia’s international borders are gradually re-opening and we can’t wait to welcome new and returning international students to our Southern Cross University campuses. If you have a valid visa and a recognised vaccination certificate you may be eligible to return to study in Australia in 2022.

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The situation around Australia’s borders remains fluid. It is important to know that Australia’s states also control their own borders within the country, so different conditions apply in different parts of the country.

From 15 December 2021, fully vaccinated international students are able to travel to participating states and territories in Australia, quarantine-free without needing to apply for a travel exemption. For more information see vaccinated travellers.

Students who are not eligible to travel without an exemption may be able to travel to Australia under an International Student Arrival Plan. There are also limited travel exemptions available for international students who can meet specific criteria including some health/medical students and PhD research students.

Updates about Australia’s international borders can be read here: International student arrival plans.

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Southern Cross has a number of enticing scholarships available for International students. This includes the Outstanding Academic Excellence Scholarship worth up to $60,000 over four years.

Special opportunities are available for students choosing to study in the regional locations of Lismore and Coffs Harbour, taking advantage of the clean air, safe environments and long-term employability benefits.

The Destination Australia scholarships are also available to International students, offering up to $60,000, at $15,000 a year to eligible applicants.

Read more about our scholarships here International student scholarships.

students at learning area Gold Coast campus

What COVID-19 vaccines does Australia recognise? Visit International COVID-19 vaccines recognised by Australia at the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

What vaccination proof do I need? Visit Guidance on foreign vaccination certificates at the Australian Passport Office (passports.gov.au).

What are the quarantine requirements for the different parts of Australia? Visit States (australia.gov.au)

Contact Southern Cross University at International future students.

IT support

We know it has been a particularly tough couple of years for International students wanting to travel to Australia. And that is when it becomes particularly important to choose the right university for you.

Southern Cross is proud of its ongoing success and accolades in the area of student support.

Read more about our student support services here:

International student support.

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There are more than 35 different degrees and courses available at Southern Cross for International students.

From Engineering to Business to Health to Education, Law, Arts and Science.

See the full list here: International courses

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Our region is well serviced by domestic and international airports. Many international students enter Australia via Sydney or Melbourne with a short internal flight to Ballina, Coffs Harbour or Gold Coast airports. Some may be enter directly to Gold Coast International Airport.

Please ensure you have all your required documentation to enter Australia.