German exchange students Tamara and Nadine

German exchange students Tamara and Nadine talk about their experiences studying at Southern Cross University Gold Coast campus.

I would never regret coming here to Australia, it was a really good experience and I can just recommend it to everyone.

Cycling around the Gold Coast is so great because we can always cycle directly at the beach so there is always a cycling track along the beach. So that’s very cool to cycle alongside the ocean because we can’t do that in Germany. We are so happy that we found something close the uni. Sometimes we even walk because when it’s nice weather we can just walk along the beach.

Finding accommodation at the Gold Coast was really easy. We had help from the staff at SCU and they have a website called unistays. And we found accommodation really close to the University and we are so happy that we found this accommodation. And we have a great landlord and with a pool. It’s still sunny even though it’s almost winter and it’s warm. It’s not comparable to the winter we have in Germany – not at all.

It’s just like summer in Germany. Winter in Australia is like summer in Germany. Here at the Gold Coast it is really easy to meet new people and make new friends. You can keep in contact and keep in touch and you can just text them and ask if they are free for the day and you meet with them at the beach its really cultural - it’s multi-cultural.

Another thing at the University is that we do much group work in the classes so we do a lot of group activities during the classes, which I think is really good because it means you always have to do something on your own and then work in a group and you also learn how to work in a team.

Our English has improved a lot because we are foreigners speaking English but because everyone just speaks English but I think that’s a good part because you always have to search for words, if you don’t know the work you have to explain with your hands.

So I think the study experience here at the Gold Coast campus has been very good.

I would recommend it to everyone who is looking for an experience to study abroad semester and is looking for something else and who wants to explore the world I would say.

So I can really recommend coming here to study for one semester and see something different.


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