Video Transcript: Mica and Sharmilla

Mica and Sharmilla are students from the Philippines studying at Southern Cross University on the Gold Coast. Studying in Australia has helped them to grow personally and understand the value of diversity.

Sharmilla: What inspired me to go to Australia was because I wanted to build my own business in the Philippines and I think having the international immersion I could see the perspective from diverse people as well which I think is important from a business perspective as well.

Mica: I think it’s up to you if you want to make change in your life. For me it’s for my own personal development.

Sharmilla: It’s a good experience to become independent. I think because in the Philippines you are used to having people around you, your family and friends. It’s not that it’s a bad thing but living alone and having no-one to rely on at first, is a good thing for me to be independent. Also I have met so many international people, which I think is good, especially for a student who is doing a business degree.

Mica: These friends that I have made here they are not just from Australia, I have Australian friends, German friends, Swedish friends, Italian friends, Brazilian friends.

Sharmilla: Even if we have different cultures or we are from different parts of the world, we all get along. That is when you see that you will also have something in common with them.

Mica: I basically came here alone, it was overwhelming at first but when you meet these kinds of people, these wonderful people that is when you realise it’s not hard to try and go to some other place because you will definitely make new friends and you will consider them as family.

Sharmilla: I like here at the Gold Coast you can just walk 5-10 minutes and you are in the beach already.

Mica: Normally what we do on a weekend we would just walk out from our place and we would be right at the beach. We normally go surfing and then we put out a blanket, put on some music and some snacks like do a picnic.

Sharmilla: And then after that I can get back to my uni work all refreshed. Compared to what I had in uni in the Philippines the facilities here are more advanced and the facilities are open 24/7 which I think is very beneficial for the students that would want to concentrate more because for me I can’t concentrate at home so I go to uni any time of the day even at 10 o’clock at night and the facilities are still open.

Mica: As I went to Singapore two months ago to meet my family. They can see that I have changed at lot, maybe in the sense that I have become more independent and they can see that I am trying to find my own success in Australia.  

I think that is the most wonderful thing and I never regret anything that I did.

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