Video Transcript: Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology

Brazilian student Alex is studying Clinical Exercise Physiology at the Lismore campus of Southern Cross University and feels totally embraced by the university community. Alex loves the accessibility of the campus, close to Byron Bay and the Gold Coast beaches. As a huge soccer fan Alex is impressed by the Liverpool Football Club International Academy in Lismore, a partnership with Southern Cross University and the Liverpool Football Club.

If I were to choose one word to describe my experience at this university wouldn’t be difficult, it would have to be “gratitude”. I had the opportunity to study at other universities but my experience at Southern Cross University was unique.

When I’m around campus I don’t just interrelate with student in my field of study, but I get to know other students from other areas of study as well, especially international student.

We become a community, and this helps us adapt in a new town. Probably in other institutions located in big cities, this relationship is not as intimate and close as it is at Southern Cross.

When we decided to move to Lismore we thought: “Where is Lismore? Wow it’s a small town”, but when we checked the map and saw where Lismore is located we got extremely excited with the possibility of being so close to Byron Bay.

We are at 40km from Byron Bay, 30 minutes’ drive from Ballina which is fantastic! We are very close to the Gold Coast and only a little further (2.5 hours’ drive) we are in Brisbane!

So, all of that helps us feel like part of the Australian culture. This university is very well structured, not only when it comes to innovative technologies as you can see in this room here, we have cutting edge equipment for analysis, but also, I believe it is one of the only universities that has a partnership with one of the greatest clubs in the world, Liverpool. This provides an opportunity for the student to learn a different philosophy, from a professional football club, integrated with the academic life.

The Health Clinic has a team of Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists, and the Clinical Physiologists working together with this multidisciplinary team. This was one of the things that caught my attention when I was researching about this university and its program. This is the future of chronic disease treatment and improvement of health in general, it all comes down to how we integrate physical activity into the medical treatment plan.

They embraced me and didn’t treat me as just another international student, here I feel valued, and the only word I can use to describe my experience at this university is “gratitude”. 

Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology