Studying Masters at Southern Cross University

Master of Engineering Management, Master of Business Administration

Working on a real-time renewable energy project of biogasification has helped engineering management student George, to understand the potential management issues around the renewable energies sector and how to make projects more economical.

My name is George. I am from India. I have done engineering in electronics. Now I am here at Southern Cross University doing Master of Engineering Management, MBA.

I am working on a real-time renewable energy project which will be really helpful to analyse and understand the management issues around the renewable energies sector.

The project which I will be working with is the waste wood which can be used to produce the synthetic gas which will be converted to produce electricity so that we don’t need to depend on the fossil fuels. Working on this real-time project of biogasification helps me to learn different issues about the renewable energies sector and how we can make the project more economical.

One of the reasons why I wanted to take Master of Engineering Management was to help the engineering projects to be environmentally friendly and how we can ensure the sustainability of projects.

Strategic Asset Management helps us to learn how you can maximise the utilisation of an asset and to reduce the wastage.

Stakeholder analysis helps to learn what are the different stakeholders inside a project.

All of our tutors are industry experts in their different fields of activities helping to ensure the sustainability. These experts give us ideas about how each industry measures different kind of outcomes or their targets which is related to the environment and the well-being of citizens.

So I have been here for the last 1 ½ years and coming from India our assessment methods are different. Here assignments are a lot more important, particularly how we approach our assignments, we have to refer to some academic articles. These things are particularly new to me so I went to the academic skills and they helped me a lot.

My dream is to reduce the carbon footprint and I am interested in the renewable industries sector. Studying at Southern Cross University has helped me to gain valuable skills which will help me to achieve my career goals.