Video Transcript: Erika from Japan

Studying English and Study Abroad at Southern Cross University (Lismore) as a Japanese student.

Erika first came to Southern Cross University to study English and has now finished her Study Abroad session at our Lismore campus. There are lots of new experiences for Erika, from camping in the bush as part of her studies to helping out at the Koala Hospital on campus and making new friends in Australia

Firstly I took an English course in the English College and after graduation I am studying at the uni.

As part of the Outdoor Education class we went camping to Bornhoffen to do camping. The camping was so great. I did many activities like climbing logs.

Every night we did camping fire – I felt like I was in the movies.

I am happy to work in the Koala Centre. It is very exciting for me because I can make connection with Koala. I can’t do that in Japan.

The staff at Southern Cross University are very helpful and friendly. Especially my lecturer of Oceans of Sounds - he is very kind and asked me ‘Do I understand the class?’. He understood I am an international student.

When I was in Japan I liked going shopping and I would buy things like clothes or fashionable things but after I came here, I started to be interested in nature and communicate with persons.

This was a big change for me. Translated from Japanese Southern Cross University is a good place for study and also to expand your community. Please come and join us.


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