Video Transcript: Study at Southern Cross University where everyone is welcome

I got admission from a few other universities as well so I went through filtering stuff.

Going through the units given here (at Lismore campus), where it’s located, the curriculum, all the facilities for international students. When I looked into Lismore campus, for Southern Cross University, for my subject which is Master of Forest Science, it was a perfect environment to study in.

The University is open to all kinds of students from everywhere, from all creed, culture, religion or colour. No one would judge you or criticise you for what you wear, how you speak, what you speak, what your first language is, what your colour is or anything. Everyone is considered a part of Southern Cross University.

Living on campus is another whole experience. You get to mingle with all the other international students, you get to share their culture, their views, how they eat their food, their languages. It’s wonderful to get together with other international students.

Southern Cross University has been a positive experience. Interacting with my lecturers, they are always approachable. They try to give as much exposure as you need in your field. And we have this huge library with lots of books in all kinds of subjects and there is (are) a lot of resources and online help.

You get everything you need to be successful in your studies. My supervisor has always encouraged me to find my own area of interest so that I can continue my research, (into) my thesis on that particular field.

From day one onwards, my supervisors (and) my professors gave me a clear idea of what I should expect. Then I decided I would do my further thesis on pest management in plantations and I approached my professor with this idea and he said "wow" that is a great area to start your research on and he invited me to a colloquium, which is where scientists and researchers meet and talk about the disease and pest management in Australia.

You will get everything you need from Southern Cross University in the fullest.


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