Video Transcript: Gloria from Tanzania

Gloria is from Tanzania and is studying a Bachelor of Business with a major in marketing. She loves being close to the beach and the great weather at the Gold Coast.  Gloria feels supported in all aspects of her study at Southern Cross University.

My name is Gloria Kitesho.

I'm studying Bachelor of business majoring in marketing at Southern Cross.

I chose to come to Southern Cross and the Gold Coast in particular because of the reputation of Australian education and we had family friends here who recommended the Gold Coast mostly because of the weather that is the same as the (weather) in Tanzania.

I love that fact because you just study on campus but you also can just walk to the beach. So you get time to study but if you want to clear your mind for a few minutes just walk to the beach. Most of the weather throughout the year, you can go to the beach anytime so it's a very good area to study.

I also remember sitting down with my family and looking at how much international student support is out there for the universities that I was going to go to so Southern Cross became the top one.

The staff are very friendly and approachable. The international office is like where we run to all the time they help us with anything with our studies or anything outside studies and they even been you know bring opportunities out to us anything we want to engage in and they're very friendly so that's another good thing here.

The education system in Australia is very different from Tanzania. The way we are studying the lectures and the rooms they're very comfortable and the technology is very good. To me that really helps when studying.

The technology here helps while studying but they also have well designed study spaces. The library the computer rooms which are accessible 24 hours. It's very good when studying we have the silence areas and there is a channel to silent so it's accessible for someone wants private studies but also someone wants to study in a group.

I engaged in the university and I like it because it doesn't just feel like a place you come to study it feels like home too, like people know you and you come here and there's places you can go to if you need help. You know people where you can go to if you need anything so it's mostly home and studying all together.

I was surprised I think it's very good to have diversity in the university you get to learn quite a few things from different cultures and I think it's also opens your mind up to new ways of learning and how people do things.

I would definitely recommend Southern Cross University, just because it's beautiful out here, first to the Gold Coast and also the fact that international students get all the support they need it just helps you to study really well.