Studying forestry at Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University's forestry students are taught by leading experts and have access to an extensive range of habitats on and within close proximity to the Lismore campus.

Professor Jerry Vanclay
Professor of Sustainable Forestry
Faculty of Science and Engineering

Welcome, I'd like to introduce the Forestry program at Southern Cross University.

We've got a wonderful location for doing that, we've got very diverse forests in our neighbourhood.

We've got plantations, we've got natural forests, and we've got rainforests and we pride ourselves in the field trips that we offer. The Australian government has a measure of University Research called ERA - Excellence for research in Australia.

We are ranked five. Well above world standard.

We are one of our three research institutes in Australia that achieves that score.

One of our strengths that Southern Cross University is that our researchers do the teaching. All of our staff are actively involved in research, they are the people that will be teaching you and leading you in your research activities.

Studying at Southern Cross University has been a unique and incredible experience. In the first place we have an academic experience. So we have the knowledge from the lectures for the day to day learning in the classrooms or in the different activities the field work that we have here.

I can see that I have improved my level in the knowledge. It has been beneficial to studying in a place that is surrounded by nature. Actually the campus has a rainforest reserve. We have used this area sometimes for learning about botany or the species. There are several facilities on the campus as well, we have the laboratories or the areas on campus in which we can have our samples or materials that we collect when we are in the field work and do all the analyses that we require. Southern Cross University has exceeded my expectations.

So I think SCU is very good place for study, it's like this campus is really green campus. I like the environment I think it's a very convenient place because I met a koala and wallaby for the first time on SCU campus - I think it's like not a common experience at most universities.

At SCU I am studying with students from like Vietnam, from New Caledonia, from PNG, we work together and study together and we spend time together for studying.

I have learnt many things from SCU - it's not just about academic, but also how to build relationship with international students and new cultures as well. Southern Cross University it's not just about our academic excellence, we're a warm and friendly place, we've got a reputation of having staff that are approachable and take a personal interest in their students.

We look forward to receiving an inquiry from you and hopefully to welcome you to come and study with us at Southern Cross University.

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