Video Transcript: Vice Chancellor welcome

Studying at Southern Cross University - 澳大利亚南十字星大学 - 给你更好的澳洲留学体验

Southern Cross University is a student focussed university providing great opportunities and support to international students. Our Gold Coast campus offers tourism and hospitality with internships, information technology and health programs. This video is available in English with mandarin captions and Mandarin with English captions.



0.02 Professor Adam Shoemaker

Welcome to Southern Cross University, Australia’s most progressive and engaged university and most importantly it’s a student focussed university where the careers and future opportunities of every graduate are our number one priority.

I’m very pleased to tell you about the vision of Southern Cross University. We aim to be and are the most progressive and engaged university in this part of the world. We really focus on the future of the world of work and careers. So welcome to Southern Cross, please join us on this tour of the campus.

1.22 – 2.22 Juna Ferrett Brown [English & Mandarin)

Our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in tourism and hospitality management are available on the Gold Coast campus, our tourism management discipline ranked 38 in the world in QS rankings.

Every program includes a four to six month internship, for example Intercontinental Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Hayman Island One & Only etc., increasing graduate employability.

Southern Cross offers Bachelor of IT and are developing further programs in Information Technology.

Southern Cross University’s Health Science programs are now available to all Chinese students through English pathway, including nursing, midwifery, occupational therapy, sports science etc.

Our newest program can allow international students to receive two masters degrees in two years : Master of Engineering Management and Master of Business Administration. This makes students become more employable upon graduation.

2.29 - 3.00 Jacky Zhang [English & Mandarin)

Our support team aims to provide a “one stop shop” experience for all the international students, from the day they arrive to the day they graduate. They are welcomed to come and see us at anytime for help and support.

Many of the staff in our international team speak a second language and have overseas study experience. We have a great understanding of different difficulties and challenges students may face, which enables us to provide more tailored support for our students.

我们的团队致力于为学生提供一站式的服务,从他们入学的第一天一直到他们毕业的那天都可以随时来我们团队来寻求帮助和辅导。我们团队多半的员工都会讲第二语言,而且都有过海外留学的经验。 所以我们对留学生在澳洲留学可能遇到的困难和挑战都有非常足够的了解。所以可以在另一个层面给予他们更大的帮助。

3.02 Ch Chun Kao [English & Mandarin)

3.30 Professor Adam Shoemaker

In every case, every international student who comes here succeeds in the future in the best possible way. This is the place and now is the time for Southern Cross University. Welcome.


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