“Law touches every aspect of our lives and I love helping to arm artists with the tools they need to be sure that their work is valued and protected.”

Tom Lynch

Bachelor of Contemporary Music, Bachelor of Laws graduate

Justice fails in a lot of ways. There's always, you know, people they have a good case but no one can manage to do anything for them.

I want to be in the position that I can do pro bono work for people who cannot access justice.

My name is Joanna Byrne and I'm a Southern Cross University Law graduate.

I was working as a florist and I decided that I wanted to do something a bit more with my life.

I hadn't studied since like 1982 or something you know, so it was a big step to go back to university. I had a setback at the end of my first session, my husband passed away so then I was left single mother with seven children and the university gave me lecturers to help me.

They had other students contact me as well. So they put all these networks and support in place so that I can continue to get through.

All the lectures are recorded so I could listen to them in the car so gives you that flexibility to study when you want.

I won the National Indigenous Law Student of the Year in 2016. I was a bit humbled and shocked that I'd actually been nominated and won it.

I was offered a graduate job six months before I'd finished and had a contract signed so I've started work three days after I finished.

In ten years I want to have my own chambers and be practising at the bar and doing more social justice and sort of pro bono work but have a good work-life balance with the kids.

When I started studying there's no way in my wildest dreams I thought I would ever be where I was today.

You hear stories all the time that you know you're not going to get a job in Law because you're a mature age student who studied online and so I proved them all wrong I guess.


Southern Cross University offers the following Bachelor of Laws (LLB) units that have been assessed as covering the essential 'Priestley Eleven' areas of Australian Law:

Priestley 11 area Southern Cross University LLB unit
Criminal Law and Procedure LAWS2008 Criminal Procedure + LAWS2009 Criminal Law
Torts LAWS2015 Torts
Contracts LAWS2002 Contract Law I + LAWS2003 Contract Law II
Property, both Real (including Torrens System Law) and Personal LAWS2012 Property Principles
Equity (including Trusts)  LAWS2017 Principles of Equity
Company Law LAWS2007 Corporations Law
Administrative Law LAWS2006 Administrative Law
Constitutional Law of the Commonwealth, States and Territories LAWS2005 Constitutional Law
Civil Procedure LAWS2013 Civil Litigation and Procedure
Evidence LAWS2016 Evidence
Professional Conduct (including basic trust accounting) LAWS3003 Professional Conduct

Please note that other units offered in Law & Justice (other LLB units, and units in the Bachelor of Legal and Justice Studies (BLJS) and the Associate Degree in Law (Paralegal Studies) (ADL)) do not count towards the 'Priestley Eleven'.

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