"Creative thinking was a very strong element. The value of doing the degree is immense and it’s a pathway to many other opportunities."

Rose Staff

Bachelor of Art and Design

Are you a creative thinker and maker? Do you enjoy problem solving and designing solutions?

Art and Design are the tools of innovation and culture. They create real-life impact on local communities, transforming them into hubs for new creative industries and artistic practice. At Southern Cross University Art and Design, you will enjoy the best of fine art education and design practice in a stunning regional art school, and graduate ready to shape the future.

The Bachelor of Art and Design provides a studio-based, immersive learning environment. It fosters curiosity through a spirit of inquiry and by working across multiple studios and using emerging technologies. Art and Design will develop your unique artistic skills, help shape your future and launch your career in the many growing areas of art, design and the creative industries.

You can also choose to study Art and Design as a shared major in the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Business and Enterprise, Bachelor of Indigenous Knowledge or in the Bachelor of Psychological Science.

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