"I try to represent the community in their city, within their space. I don’t want to appear too heroic or like I’m changing the world."

Guido van Helten

Large scale muralist and visual arts graduate


What’s it like to pursue a creative practice research project? Our Master of Arts and PhD graduates share their experiences in this video.

[Maria Simms PhD 2007] I produced a novel with an exegesis.

[Fiona Fell MA 2000D 2007] I produced a series of ceramic figurative sculptors.

[David Weir PhD 2010] It was a CD of original music in which I mashed up political speech.

[Barry Hill PhD 2010] I produced a creative work which was an audio visual performance piece that saw five musicians accompanied by a VJ.

[Kellie O"Dempsey PhD 2010]  I produced a live public performance.

[Barry Hill] I see myself as a hybrid ethnomusicologist and music performer.

[Fiona FellI'm represented by Watters Gallery in Sydney, where I've been showing for a few years.

[Maria Simms]  Well, the crime novel was published by New Holland Publishing.

[Kellie O"Dempsey] I started using paper and pencils, and a lot of traditional drawing tools, and through the masters research began to expand my drawing into more of a performative element.

The development of the masters program for me, significantly introduced me to electronic projections, as part of my performance drawing work.

[David Weir] My supervisors were really invaluable in helping me to breach that gap between being a musical artist and an academic.

[Fiona Fell] You know we talk, we devise projects together, we get excited about things, there's a sort of honest exchange.

[Barry HillI was able to connect with a fantastic network of musicians.

[Fiona FellI was born locally, so I came back to the area because of family, so decided to take up postgraduate research then.

[Barry Hill] I find small towns quite creative places, and allow you to spend a lot of time being creative, and doing hands on stuff rather than sitting in traffic jams.

[David Weir] It's a very physically beautiful region which I personally find very inspiring.

[Maria Simms] Living amongst people who are interesting in so many different things your creative impulse, juices if you like, get flowing.

[Barry Hill] I found that SCU's, or my studies here at SCU, enabled me to take a great leap forward I suppose, in my own career aspirations.