"No matter how you travel, the struggle and your determination is part of the journey. I’m doing this degree so that I can give back to my community."

John Mapatano

English for Academic Purposes and Preparing for Success at SCU graduate, Bachelor of Social Welfare student

The reason I did do the Preparing for PSP (Preparing for Success at SCU Program) course is because I wasn't sure I was capable of doing University.

So I really wanted to make sure I was capable of doing it before enrolling into a degree.

In PSP they have two kind of options of units that you can choose to study.

So they do have the more science-based one or they had the arts and business.

Once I'd done the PSP you know it kind of just put things in motion to believe in myself that I could actually study something like that and research.

So it was very good motivator and it pushed me to do it really well.

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