“I’m all about sustainability, so whatever I do it has to be long lasting and help the most people it possibly can."

Rod Ingersoll

Environmental Resource Management Honours graduate

The management of our precious natural environments is one of the most pressing issues of our times. Whether you’re passionate about plants, animals or environmental conservation, Southern Cross University offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to suit your career goals.

Bachelor degrees in environmental, forest or marine science offer not only a solid scientific foundation but the opportunity to specialise in disciplines that directly impact conservation of these critical areas. With an emphasis on the development of practical skills, these degrees are an excellent preparation for a range of careers in conservation.

Postgraduate studies in marine and forest science are likewise an opportunity to develop expertise in long-term sustainable management or a pathway to doctoral studies and a research career.

Research degrees offer ample scope for exploration of conservation, aided by the extensive cross-disciplinary collaboration across the University in research centres with world-leading expertise in fields such as plant science, geoscience, forest science, biogeochemistry and marine science.

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