"I've travelled to the Great Barrier Reef for sea turtle conservation and to the Solitary Islands regularly to help PhD researchers on coral recruitment projects."

Lauren Hasson

Master of Marine Science and postgraduate scholarship recipient

Southern Cross University is a world leader in marine science teaching and research, offering both undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees in this fascinating field.

The Bachelor of Science with a specialisation in Marine Systems, is taught at the National Marine Science Centre (NMSC) in Coffs Harbour or online. The course combines marine science with contemporary management concepts and has a focus on conservation issues in both coastal and marine ecosystems, with a strong practical component. Students will have the opportunity to learn underwater sampling techniques with the option to snorkel or dive in the Solitary Islands Marine Parks and can also gain experience with drone technology and spatial mapping.

Masters and Doctorate-level studies are also offered at the NMSC, a centre of significant and diverse research activity ranging from marine ecology and species preservation to climate change mitigation, ocean plastics and pollution removal and aquaculture. The NMSC has advanced facilities for marine research including a flow-through seawater system and a public aquarium.

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