Undergraduate Certificate in Education



Course Summary

This course provides you with foundational knowledge about why, what and how we educate, and introduces the foundations of the applied discipline of education. The course has a focus on developing critical thinking, reflection and skills relating to the study of educational disciplines. This course provides a pathway to an accredited teaching degree in early childhood, primary or secondary education.

Units of study

EDU71002 - Foundations for Education

Stimulate students' thinking about key educational questions of why, what and how we educate, with a particular focus on critical thinking and reflection. Students will consider these questions as an introduction to some of the foundations of the applied discipline of education. The unit examines the ways historical, political and practical understandings of education apply in the Australian context in order to challenge preconceived notions of schooling and education. The unit content establishes a framework for students to build their own perspectives of the nature and purpose of education.

SCI10003 - Foundations: Science and Technology

This discipline unit surveys science and technology and its place in contemporary society. This unit puts an emphasis upon the science and technology that relates to everyday experience. Focuses on interpretations and implications and processes of science and technology.

HEA10003 - Foundations: Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

This discipline unit provides broad and critical foundational understandings and skills relating to the study of personal development, health and physical education. Details the nature and role of PDHPE as a discipline for supporting the development of health and wellbeing.

HUM10001 - Foundations: Human Society and its Environments

This discipline unit introduces students to studies of human society and its environment. The themes of change, interdependence, diversity, social justice, participatory citizenship, peace building, poverty and wealth, and sustainability are explored. Students are expected to develop skills in critical thinking, inquiry, analysis, judgement and justification.

Start Date

6 July


6 months, Fulltime




To support workers displaced by the COVID 19 crisis the maximum student fees for these courses have been set at significantly discounted rates, and students will still be able to defer payment through HECS-HELP.

Commonwealth-Supported Place: $1,250

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Career Opportunities

This course provides you with foundational knowledge of the applied discipline of education, and, with further study, a career in early childhood, primary or secondary education.


Admission Criteria

ATAR 40; OR Certificate III or above; OR one year of paid work experience or equivalent.

Advanced standing

Successful completion of this course will enable entry and up to four units of credit towards the Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (where applicants must also meet the course specific requirements).

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