Undergraduate Certificate in Information Technology



Course Summary

This course provides you with the opportunity to develop academic and business skills in the area of information technology and digital business. The course will give you a foundational understanding of the Information and Communication Technologies and their social, ethical and legal impacts.

Units of study

EDU10010 - Language and Learning in your Discipline

Introduces students to learning skills for university study, communication skills, and reading and writing conventions within university discipline focused study. Students will develop understanding of, and skills in, digital literacies within SCU environment, a variety of academic writing genres relevant to their discipline of study, and principles and application of academic integrity.

MAT10706 - Quantitative Methods with Economics

Introduces students to and develops skills in the quantitative tools, concepts and skills required in a business degree. To reinforce student learning the use of these quantitative tools and skills to solve problems from economics and business is emphasised. A spreadsheet package will be used to solve and communicate quantitative problems and concepts.

ISY10212 - Contemporary Issues in Information Technology

Creating and using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) applications needs consideration of social, ethical and legal factors. This unit focuses on issues associated with human impact, ethics, regulation, privacy, law, equity, access and cultural and indigenous issues which influence and affect the Information and Communication Technology industries. Examples are discussed.

CSC71001 - Programming 1

Introduces the basic principles of object-oriented programming using a standard programming language and a learning environment. Students will gain a thorough theoretical and practical understanding of the programming process, including the ability to write and debug programs, stepwise refine code, use object-oriented development, develop appropriate algorithms and write modularised code using methods. Emphasis in the unit is at all times on a sound understanding of the principles involved, with particular attention being paid to worked examples to demonstrate these principles in a clear and straightforward fashion.

Start Date

6 July


6 months, Fulltime




To support workers displaced by the COVID 19 crisis the maximum student fees for these courses have been set at significantly discounted rates, and students will still be able to defer payment through HECS-HELP.

Commonwealth-Supported Place: $2,500

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International students can apply for a non-award variation of the Undergraduate Certificate, this is a Higher Education Certificate. Fees: $6,000

How to apply

Complete the International Application for Admission form with all supporting documents:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Proof of English Language proficiency

Send your completed documentation to intapps@scu.edu.au

Career Opportunities

This will give you a foundation in Information and Communication Technologies with an opportunity to take on further study to move towards a career as; programmers user-experience designers and developers, web developers, systems administrators, and technical support personnel.


Admission Criteria

ATAR 40; or Certificate III or above; or one year of paid work experience or equivalent.

Advanced standing

Successful completion of this course will guarantee entry and four units of credit towards the Diploma of Business (Information Technology). Upon successful completion of the additional four units in the Diploma, students will have guaranteed entry and up to one year of advanced standing toward a Bachelor of Information Technology.

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