Undergraduate Certificate in Psychological Science



Course Summary

This course provides you with a foundational knowledge of the health sciences and the Australian healthcare system, and an introduction to the concepts, ethics and research as it applies to the discipline of psychology. This course is a pathway toward a Bachelor degree in psychology and the further studies necessary to become a registered psychologist.

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EDUC1001 - Language and Learning in your Discipline

Introduces students to learning skills for university study, communication skills, and reading and writing conventions within university discipline focused study. Students will develop understanding of, and skills in, digital literacies within SCU environment, a variety of academic writing genres relevant to their discipline of study, and principles and application of academic integrity.

HLTH1001 - Introduction to Science for Health Professions

Focuses on the underlying concepts of science and quantitative literacy essential for success in health studies. Students explore the nature of science as it relates to health and apply analytical, quantitative, and problem solving skills to a range of health related contexts. Students learn to use scientific language to communicate processes and concepts. Learning skills specific for the health sciences are developed.

ELECTIVE UNITS (Choose two from the following):
PSYC1004 - Introduction to Psychological Investigation

Introduces the general concepts, ethics, and methodology of scientific research as it applies to the discipline of psychology. Topics include methods of observation, measurement, and experimentation used in psychology and the effective use of information resources. Students will engage in oral and written presentation of the material covered..

PBHL1001 - The Australian Health Care System

Provides students with an overview of the Australian health care system and the factors which influence the way it functions. Historical, socio-political and cultural contexts of health care in Australia will be presented to encourage an awareness of how these factors influence health care delivery, systems, services, and the health care workforce.

PSYC1001 - Introduction to Psychology I

Introduces four central areas of psychological interest: biological bases of behaviour; the nature of consciousness; learning; and stress, coping and health. The unit focuses on the influence of biological processes and experience in the regulation of individual behaviour. This unit lays the foundation for Introduction to Psychology II, which is focussed on the social milieu.

PSYC1005 - Fundamentals of Career Success in Psychology

Introduces the students to the relationship between psychological theory and practice through a combination of invited professional speakers, self-directed research, and collaborative sharing of knowledge. Students will gain a better understanding of their own values and strengths in the context of career planning and will develop insights and strategies for career and self-management. Social and emotional competencies are introduced.

Key Information
Start Date

28 February 2022 (Orientation)
07 March 2022 (Studies commence)


6 months, full-time
12 months, part-time


Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast, Online
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This is a Commonwealth-Supported course. 

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$13,800 (2021)

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Career Opportunities

This will provide you with foundational knowledge in health sciences and with more study will lead into careers within counselling and psychological sciences.


Admission Criteria

ATAR 40; OR Certificate III or above; OR one year of paid work experience or equivalent.

Advanced standing

Successful completion of this course will guarantee entry and four units of credit towards the Diploma of Health. Upon successful completion of the additional four units in the Diploma of Health, students will have guaranteed entry and may receive up to one year of advanced standing toward a Bachelor of Psychological Science.

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