Roles in community welfare centre on providing essential and often critical services. Youth, families, those with a disability, Indigenous communities, children, people with addiction or mental health problems, the unemployed, older people, those facing housing and other challenging life matters reach out to community and welfare services.

With our Bachelor of Community Welfare, you’ll become job-ready for roles in government and non-government organisations, gaining skills in case management, community development, counselling, social research, policy work, advocacy, and grief and loss counselling. Particular emphasis on social justice and human rights as the basis for social welfare practice will help harness your empathy and enhance your communication skills so that you can achieve great outcomes in your community.

Articulation from a range of VET awards, accreditation by the Australian Community Workers Association (ACWA), 400 hours of supervised on-the-job training, plus a pathway to our Master of Social Work (Professional Qualifying), our degree in community welfare is a worthwhile choice.

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