Professional Experience in the Biomedical Setting Gold Coast
Clinical Microbiology Gold Coast
Molecular Genetics Gold Coast
Microbiology Gold Coast
Clinical Biochemistry Gold Coast
Bioinformatics Gold Coast
Immunology Gold Coast
Mechanical Systems Design Lismore
Modern Internal Combustion Engines Lismore
Dynamics of Machines Lismore
Control Systems and Automation Lismore
Fluids Engineering Lismore
Energy, the Environment and Mechanical Engineering
Electro-Mechanical and Robotics Technology Lismore
Thermal Engineering Lismore
Finite Element Method and Fracture Mechanics Lismore
Machine Element Design Lismore
Thermodynamics Lismore
Introduction to Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Lismore
Dynamics Lismore
Civil Litigation and Procedure Gold Coast, Lismore, Online
Principles of Equity Gold Coast, Lismore, Online
Property Principles Gold Coast, Lismore, Online
Evidence Gold Coast, Lismore, Online
Torts Gold Coast, Lismore, Online
Organisational Behaviour (Online) SCU Online
Entrepreneurship and Marketing (Online)
Human Pathophysiology Gold Coast, Lismore, Online
Introductory Physics and Maths for Health Sciences Gold Coast
Organic Chemistry Gold Coast
Transformative Clinical Practices Gold Coast
Professional Practices Gold Coast
Nursing in the Australian Context Gold Coast
General English Gold Coast, Lismore, Online
Pedorthics Clinical Placement II Gold Coast
Pedorthics Clinical Placement I Gold Coast
English for Academic Purposes Gold Coast, Lismore, Online
Programming Mobile Systems China - Guangxi UST, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Online, Perth, Sydney
Managing Software Development China - Guangxi UST, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Online, Perth, Sydney
Doctor of Indigenous Philosophies Research Proposal Lismore, Online
Doctor of Indigenous Philosophies Thesis Lismore, Online
Science Honours Thesis II Lismore, National Marine Science Centre Coffs Harbour, Online
Pedorthics Clinical Placement III Gold Coast
Advanced Topics in Professional Psychology Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast
Applied Research and Evaluation for the Psychological Scientist-Practitioner Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast
Analysis of Multivariate Behavioural Data Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast
Independent Study - Education I Online
Psychology Honours Thesis II Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast
Independent Study - Education II Online
Psychology Seminars Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast