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Unit description

Extends the concepts introduced in Mathematical Ideas, Calculus and Linear Algebra analysis to Group Theory. Group Theory also develops ring theory and vector spaces. Topics from Group Theory include Cyclic, Abelian and permutation groups, Finite and Infinite groups, Lagrange's theorem as well as ring theory, Euclidean domains and polynomial rings and modules and vector spaces.

Unit content

Group Theory (Topics 1 to 10)

  1. Definitions and examples of groups
  2. Cyclic, Abelian and permutation groups
  3. Finite and Infinite groups
  4. Lagrange's theorem, Abstract group theorems
  5. Cosets and sub-groups
  6. Introduction to rings
  7. Euclidean, principal ideal and unique factorisation domains
  8. Polynomial rings
  9. Introduction to module theory, vector spaces and modules over principal ideal domains
  10. Field theory and Galois theory

Learning outcomes

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Learning outcomes and graduate attributes

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