Gold CoastStudy Period 1,3,4Study Period 1,3,4

Unit description

Orientates the student to contemporary nursing practice in Australia. Students will practice in a simulated environment on a range of skills based on the latest evidence and competency standards. Following this students will undertake workplace clinical experience and demonstrate their ability to transfer skills in their new practice environment so as to provide safe patient care.

Unit content

National Safety and Quality Standards in relation to Nursing:

  • documentation and communication, recognition of and response to the deteriorating health of the patient
  • use of medicines: pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics; medication management and drug calculation
  • prevention of risk and promotion of safety
  • clinical monitoring and management
  • principles of infection control, standard precautions, nosocomial infections, workplace health and safety, appropriate handling and disposal of wastes and sharps
  • essentials of care
  • evidence based practice.

Simulated clinical experience in Nursing:

  • medication administration
  • administration of blood transfusion
  • wound management
  • personal hygiene/activities of daily living
  • infection control
  • physical assessment
  • mental health assessment
  • observation and documentation
  • patient admission and assessment
  • pre and post-operative care
  • oxygen therapy
  • management of critical incidences
  • management of emergency situations
  • report writing and nursing handover
  • time management
  • communications
  • cultural safety.

Workplace clinical experience in Nursing:

  • orientation to clinical facility
  • role of the registered nurse and the multi-disciplinary team
  • assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating patient care and clinical decision making
  • leadership and management
  • professional competency and scope of practice.

Learning outcomes

Unit Learning Outcomes express learning achievement in terms of what a student should know, understand and be able to do on completion of a unit. These outcomes are aligned with the graduate attributes. The unit learning outcomes and graduate attributes are also the basis of evaluating prior learning.

Learning outcomes and graduate attributes

Prescribed texts

Study Period 1

  • Bloomfield, J, Pegram, A, Wilson, R, & Pearson, A et al., 2017, Clinical Nursing Skills: An Australian Perspective, Cambridge, Cambridge, UK. ISBN: 978-1-316-62021-2.

Study Period 3

  • Bloomfield, J, Pegram, A, Wilson, R, & Pearson, A et al., 2017, Clinical Nursing Skills: An Australian Perspective, Cambridge, Cambridge, UK. ISBN: 978-1-316-62021-2.

Study Period 4

  • Prescribed text information is not currently available.
Prescribed texts may change in future study periods.

Teaching and assessment

Gold Coast (intensive)

Teaching method
Lecture on-site 4 hrs/wk (4 wks )
Laboratory session 10 hrs/wk (4 wks )
Tutorial on-site 6 hrs/wk (4 wks )
Community/Professional placement (8 wks )
Tutorial online 1 hr/wk (7 wks )
Medication AdministrationSR
Clinical skillsSR
Case study50%
Professional CompetenceSR
Case study50%

Intensive offerings may or may not be scheduled in every session. Please refer to the timetable for further details.

Southern Cross University employs different teaching methods within units to provide students with the flexibility to choose the mode of learning that best suits them. SCU academics strive to use the latest approaches and, as a result, the learning modes and materials may change. The most current information regarding a unit will be provided to enrolled students at the beginning of the study session.

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