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Southern Cross University's Coffs Harbour campus is located close to the centre of this vibrant coastal city. With a population of around 65 000, the Coffs Coast is a popular tourist destination with a great climate, beautiful beaches and stunning hinterland.

We share the Coffs Harbour Education Campus with North Coast TAFE and the Coffs Harbour Senior College on the traditional lands of the Gumbaynggirr People.

The campus is on 140 hectares of green rolling hills and bushland, but it's still close to the beautiful beaches and creature comforts of Coffs. There's plenty of free parking and good public transport so it's easy to get to and easy to get around.

Student Ambassador:

Hi and welcome to the Southern Cross University campus of Coffs Harbour. Let's have a look around shall we?

Here we are at the plaza area on the Coffs Harbour campus. Now behind me there's a takeaway food shop, a coffee shop, a juice bar, and over here is a book store, and also as you can see there's plenty of places to sit as well.

So, behind me is Student Services, and these guys are going to help you with absolutely anything you need from enrolling, to student mentor programs and timetables. Actually, I've got a question for them right now, let's go have a look.

Student Services Staff:

Hi there.

Student Ambassador:

Hi, I'm having trouble enrolling in one of my units, I was wondering if you could help me...

This is the office of the Students Association on the Coffs Harbour campus, and they organise things like social events, sporting events, there's even a photocopy centre inside and also they hand out discount cards, and generally they're just a really good bunch of people.

Here we are at the gym at Southern Cross University and this is actually the newest building on campus and as you can see there's plenty of equipment for anyone who wants to use it.

Here is the (points at library sign)... at the library you'll find some of the most useful people in the whole of the University. They're here to help you with all your assignments, no matter what the question is.

The whole library is wireless hot spot, which means you can pickup internet anywhere in the library it's really handy for study - and there are also lots of private places where you can study in peace.


Education is a major strand at Coffs, with early childhood, primary and secondary teaching on offer. There's great facilities for our teachers of the future to learn practical skills, as well as theory.

Psychology is another popular course option at Coffs. Our undergrads can go on to specialise in research in a number of areas including with the cognitive neuro-science research cluster. Students studying with the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Coffs Harbour are very lucky as there are wonderful opportunities for internships in the local area.

Tara (student):

Hi, I'm Tara, I've been studying in the School of Tourism and Hospitality with Southern Cross University. I'm based mainly in food and beverage but I've done a bit of HR and banqueting as well, so it's been great getting a broad skill. Coffs Harbour is a great place for doing your internship as you have a lot of variety, we've got resorts, hotels and tourist attractions here locally.


At the Coffs campus, Q block is the home of the School of Nursing, and it features labs set up like real hospital wards, so that students can get experience with the equipment they'll be using in the future.

Other undergraduate degrees at Coffs include business and IT, as well as arts and social sciences.

Last but not least, is the School of Environmental Science and Management. The University's National Marine Science Centre is situated just a few hundred metres from Charlesworth Bay in Coffs Harbour and our marine science students attend intensives here during their 3rd year of study. The centre has the most sophisticated flow through sea water system of any University in Australia. It also has a public aquarium and hatchery. Academic staff are undertaking ground-breaking research in areas such as aquaculture and food security... including, Doctor Anna Scott.

Doctor Anna Scott:

The National Marine Science Centre's located adjacent to the Solitary Islands Marine Park, and I do most of my work at North Solitary Island. North Solitary Island is an amazing and unique location because it has the highest published density of host sea anemones in the world. Most locations you might be lucky to see a handful of anemones during a dive, but at North Solitary Island there's absolute paddocks of them, so it's beautiful to swim above these fields of anemones with their anemone fish hovering above them.

Student Ambassador:

Well behind me is the student accommodation here on the Coffs campus. It can house up to 96 students, and there are 4 bedroom units that are really really comfortable, and the students here have an incredible time here. So, that was the University of Southern Cross, Coffs Harbour. If you'd like to see more, why not book in a campus tour?

On-screen text:

Campus Tour Bookings - 1800 626 481

Thanks to Coffs Coast Marketing for images & Tim Jensen for Underwater footage.

Southern Cross University. Gold Coast, Lismore, Coffs Harbour.

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