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Gold Coast campus map

Gold Coast campus directory

Note: The room numbering format at the Gold Coast campus is Building Level.Room Number.
For example, A1.05 is Building A, Level 1, Room 1.05.

Building A - Directory

LevelNameRoom Number
1 Co-op Bookshop A1.14
1 CoastR's A1.20 
1 Security and Property Services A1.22 
1 Shared Services Hub A1.05
1 Virtual Fitness Centre A1.29
2 Lecture theatre A2.20
2 Teaching rooms A2.03, A2.04, A2.13, A2.14
3 Computer lab A3.42
3 Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Academic Capability) A3.08
3 Gnibi College of Indigenous Australian Peoples A3.06B, A3.35, A3.36
3 Faculty of Business, Law and Arts
A3.20, A3.21, A3.22, A3.23, A3.24
3 Faculty of Science and Engineering  A3.13, A3.14
4 Function Room A4.05
4 Computer lab A4.23

Building B - Directory

LevelNameRoom Number
1 Coffee cart  
1 First Aid room B1.57 
1 Movement laboratory B1.41 
1 SCU Health Clinic B1.59 
1 Parents room B1.58
2 Clinical Sciences Lab B2.27
2 Interview rooms B2.19, B2.20
2 Manual therapy laboratory B2.28, B2.29
2 Meeting room B2.30
3 Faculty of Education  
3 Interview rooms B3.34, B3.35
3 Tutorial rooms B3.28, B3.29, B3.30
4 Computer labs B4.24, B4.25
4 Education e-teach B4.22, B4.23
4 Multi-Faith Chapel B4.30
4 Student lounge B4.14
4 Tutorial rooms B4.26, B4.27, B2.28, B4.29 
5 Faculty of Business, Law and Arts
5 Digital Enterprise lab B5.32 
5 Foundry B5.51, B5.52
5 Meeting room B5.17, B5.40
5 Tutorial room B5.41
6 Faculty of Business, Law and Arts  
6 Meeting boardroom B6.25
6 PhD and DBA room B6.36, B6.33
6 Tutorial rooms B6.26, B6.27
7 Faculty of Health
7 Interview room B7.55
7 Tutorial rooms B7.25, B7.26, B7.27, B7.35, B7.36
8 Faculty of Health
8 Clinical Skills laboratory B8.16, B8.17, B8.35, B8.36
8 Daily living laboratory B8.32, B8.33
8 Meeting room B8.29
8 Simulation laboratory B8.15, B8.18, B8.34
9 Faculty of Health
9 Manual therapies laboratory B9.32
9 Manufacturing laboratory B9.17
9 Movement laboratory B9.27
9 Personal Skills lab B9.33
10 Faculty of Health
10 Bioscience laboratory B10.16, B10.26, B10.27, B10.29
10 Pathology laboratory B10.14

Building C - Directory

LevelNameRoom Number
1 Lecture Theatre C1.05, C1.06
Flexible learning zone C1.34
Multipurpose space C1.35, C1.36
Café - The Green Room C1.08
2 Library  
3 SCU College  
3 Meeting rooms C3.03, C3.04, C3.05
3 Teaching rooms C3.14, C3.15, C3.16, C3.17, C3.19
4 Accommodation and student loans C4.06 
4 Advocacy C4.20
4 Careers C4.26
4 Computer lab C4.19
4 Equity C4.25
4 Meeting rooms C3.03, C3.04, C3.05
4 Teaching and Learning C4.21, C4.23,C4.24
4 Teaching rooms C4.14, C4.15, C4.16, C4.17
5 Faculty of Education  
5 Learning Zone C5,22
5 Meeting rooms C5.03, C5.04, C5.05 
5 Teaching rooms C5.14, C5.15, C5.16, C5.17, C 5.19
6 Faculty of Business, Law and Arts  
6 Teaching rooms  C6.14, C6.15, C6.16, C6.17, C6.18, C6.19 
6 Meeting rooms  C6.03, C6.04, C6.05