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Narrator: Southern Cross University's Gold Coast campus has all the features you'd expect of the newest campus on the coast, and a whole lot more.

Bridgette Hill - Bachelor of Health Science (Speech Pathology) student: The campus is really vibrant and it's got a great youthful feel to it.

Narrator: Contemporary teaching spaces and a supportive study environment make for a unique study experience.

Eliza Plant - Bachelor of Occupational Therapy student: My favourite part of the campus would be the small class sizes, you just get to build relationships with teachers, lecturers and things like that and I find that really beneficial.

Narrator: Degrees are offered in areas including arts and law, education, business and information technology, tourism, sport management, social welfare and social science, and an expanding suite of allied health degrees.

A range of associate degrees are also offered.

Purpose built laboratories provide cutting edge learning spaces for students of nursing and midwifery, occupational therapy, podiatry and speech pathology.

Rhys Paddison - Bachelor of Nursing student: My favourite part of the building is the new anatomy and physiology labs, they are really cool and really interactive.

Narrator: The SCU Health Clinic provides health practitioner services to the public, as well as supporting student learning and clinical research.

Diego Franca - Master of Osteopathic Medicine student: During the five years of training from the osteopathic course two years are hands on and you are in the clinic - so that enabled us to see more than 300 patients during the two years.

Narrator: The pedorthics course is unique in the southern hemisphere, training students to work in diabetic footwear, athlete performance and orthoses manufacturing.

Postgraduate degrees in business including the Master of Business Administration and postgraduate degrees in law, the social sciences and tourism are available at the Gold Coast.

Elisabeth Sinnewe - PhD candidate in accounting: My supervisors were always accessible and they were experts in their field so really enjoyed their guidance in my PhD process.

Narrator: International students are warmly welcomed.

Elisabeth Sinnewe - PhD candidate in accounting: Every day there are more international students coming on board and it's really cool to be part of that community.

Narrator: SCU is a research intensive university.

The Gold Coast campus is home to the Research Centre for Tourism, Leisure and Work and the University's Collaborative Research Network supporting early career researchers.

To see more come and take a campus tour with one of our student ambassadors or visit scu.edu.au

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