"I'm very thankful. The staff are real people ... they supported me by allowing me to study online and that flexibility is really a great thing."

Nathan Portelli

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education graduate

Teaching is my passion. Every day I come to this job I understand the importance.

You can't take that lightly, you need to really respect it and that's why I try to give everything I have in each day to these kids.

My name is Nathan Portelli and I'm a Southern Cross University educational graduate.

After I finished year 12 I had a great opportunity with a feeder team for the Gold Coast Titans. Part of the requirement was that I was either working a certain amount of hours or studying full-time.

I was thrown into a job working with children 1 to 6 years old and I instantly enjoyed that so I started studying at the preparing for Success Program through Southern Cross which then led into starting studying full-time.

If I look back at my time at Southern Cross I'm very thankful [to] the staff. They're real people, they do the whole professional aspect really well, but they also take the time to get to know you. They supported me by allowing me to study online. Particularly with the Summer School that's offered, for those that are willing they can continue their study over summer. That flexibility is really a great thing.

Through Southern Cross I was awarded a scholarship to go and teach in Vietnam for three weeks. It was an amazing experience. Being an educational professional, it was really refreshing visiting a country where education is just valued so highly.

I've now been teaching nearly three years at core public school. I do come every day and I want to learn, and I grow, and I want to get better at what I'm doing. It's one of those professions that the more you give the more you get back, and the more you feel a sense of achievement.

You can turn a kid's day from being an average day to a really great day with just a few little comments. And I think that is so powerful.

Student life and support

Group of students socialising at Lismore campus

At Southern Cross University, your student experience is our priority. Whether joining us on campus, online or both, we always strive to deliver exciting, contemporary and the highest quality learning and living experiences.

Our success in these endeavours, combined with our fantastic locations, staff and support systems, is confirmed by the University's standing at the highest levels of research, rankings, student satisfaction and overall reputation.

We all need a study break at times to unwind with friends doing the things we enjoy. That’s why Southern Cross invests significantly in time and resources to support student social activities, such as netball, touch rugby, yoga and meditation, music performances, cultural celebrations, photographic exhibitions, environmental workshops, Toastmaster seminars and more.

A host of purpose-built facilities are also available for students to book online, including sporting ovals and courts, pools, gyms, theatres, recording studios, dark rooms, editing suites and plenty of outdoor meeting spaces.

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Accessing support at Southern Cross University

Student admin (The Hub)

Find the right information and how to get help with assistance from The Hub.

Academic support and resources

Search study resources and find academic support at the Learning Zone.

Indigenous Australian student services

We provide advice and support for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students.

Student access and inclusion

Support services for students with disability for an inclusive and culturally safe learning environment.

Find all this and more in our Current Students section or visit Services and Support.

Our annual Fusion Festival provides an opportunity to acknowledge, learn from and celebrate our diverse communities through cultural exchange and connection.

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Play sport socially or join a club … we have something for everyone.

Clubs and societies

Meet new people or try new experiences by joining a club.

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Participate in events that celebrate cultural diversity and social inclusion.

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Check out the great facilities to keep you fit while on campus.

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Stay healthy with a visit to one of our on-campus Health Clinics.

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SCU International has been recognised for its outstanding support.

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Personal learning

You’re a name, not a number

They say it’s the people that make the place. When we set out on our academic journey decades ago, it was a collective of likeminded individuals that had the teaching foresight and fortitude to start a university dedicated to serving society in a global way. Passionate about people and professional in their practice, this teaching group has now grown to over 850+ – all of who share the vision to guide students as learning peers in a more personal study experience. Academics’ doors remain open and valued opinions respected in a cooperative teaching ethos where impact occurs, ideas matter and careers are created. That’s why our founders called us Southern Cross University - a united vision, illuminating hope, reaching for the stars.

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"Southern Cross set me up for the Registered Nurse position I’m now in, and helped with the whole application/interviewing process to secure employment"

Nicole Williams

Bachelor of Nursing graduate